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Make Wellness A Priority At Your Annual Event!

I’m so excited to see C-Suite executives make Wellness, Stress Management and Mindfulness a top priority in their companies!

What is a naturopath anyway?

So, what is a naturopath anyway? You may have heard of other natural health practitioners like chiropractors, acupuncturists and certainly massage therapists, but may not be familiar with naturopaths. We learn a little bit about a variety of different natural health modalities, and are like natural health consultants to help you learn the best ways … Continue reading What is a naturopath anyway?

Looking for a Fresh Speaker for Incentive and Sales Kick-off Events?

Are you looking for a fresh topic for your upcoming Sales Kick-off or Incentive events? We are reading quite a bit about burnout in the news and the impact that it can have on employees – especially sales reps. As a 25+ year IBM sales rep and trainer, my presentation will provide a unique perspective … Continue reading Looking for a Fresh Speaker for Incentive and Sales Kick-off Events?

Airplane Water Is Dirtier Than You Think

One of the best things you can do for your health (especially when traveling) is to drink lots of filtered water. I highly recommend bringing a bottle on the plane with you and only getting it refilled from a plastic bottle. I ask for “2 cups of water with no ice” and refill my bottle … Continue reading Airplane Water Is Dirtier Than You Think

Is the Sun Really Harmful for You?

You definitely want to avoid sunburn, but it turns out that there are some major benefits to getting sun exposure on your bare skin – not the least of which is helping your body create an amazing hormone that we tend to be very deficient in these days (see video)! Sunlight also helps to reset … Continue reading Is the Sun Really Harmful for You?

How Not to Get Sick While Traveling (+ How Chia Seeds Can Help)!

So honored to have my work highlighted in a Blue Zones interview! We’ve all been there: you wake up on the first full day of your much-anticipated beach vacation with a sore throat and runny nose, you are on a business trip and arrive at your first meeting with a pounding head, or you touch … Continue reading How Not to Get Sick While Traveling (+ How Chia Seeds Can Help)!

Are You Really Drinking a Beer?

Are you really drinking a beer? I thought you were a wellness guy! Yes, it’s true…I don’t drink alcohol very often and am not advocating drinking – rather making a point about adding balance into your trip (that’s where the Balance comes into my brand). Traveling can be quite stressful (especially business travel), so asking … Continue reading Are You Really Drinking a Beer?

Is 5G Hazardous to Your Health?

5G is the latest iteration of the wireless cellular network and promises amazing connection possibilities. However, there are MANY concerns about the impact on our health. This article presents an objective perspective on the debate. My belief is that cellphones, and all of the ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) are like cigarettes in the 1960s – back … Continue reading Is 5G Hazardous to Your Health?

Sleeping with Mirrors

Do you have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms? There are many factors that can contribute to this, but one of the biggest reasons is that your nervous system is on “high alert” because it’s in a new place (especially that first night). My best sleep tips involve making your hotel room as homey as you … Continue reading Sleeping with Mirrors

Why Hire John?

You are traveling for business for a reason, and if you can’t perform at your best, it could cause you to lose the sale or impact the success of your event. What’s that worth to you? …And your business or event?

Employee retention and employee engagement are two critical issues that companies are facing today. Could increased stress be a contributing factor?

What Makes John Unique?

John has traveled to more than 26 countries with IBM (sales and training) over 30 years (he’s lived it) and is a Traditional Naturopath (natural health practitioner), meeting planner, consultant, and author. He has taught more than 4,000 people his actionable travel tips and stress management tools with rave reviews. There’s more to it than just exercise and eating healthy.

What Can You Expect?

• Easy to work with/Very responsive
• Actionable outcomes for participants
• Highly interactive and engaging presentation

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