John Ayo, ND

John Ayo is a Professional Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author and Naturopath. He worked in sales for IBM for 27 years, where the stress of “Corporate America” caused him to examine his priorities in life. He began having health issues around 1999 that could not be addressed by the traditional medical model of “fixing symptoms.” This led him on an amazing journey back to health . . . and to his true passion. 

John grew up in Houston, and graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M in Civil Engineering, where he went on to earn his MBA. This problem-solving background has played a huge part in John’s passion for natural health, where he continues to spend many hours researching the cause of health issues. This quest led John to pursue a Doctorate in Naturopathy (ND) which he completed in 2006. Naturopathy is a field of holistic or natural health that seeks to understand the cause of imbalances in the body that lead to symptoms, and educate people on the principles and lifestyle changes they can make to correct these imbalances.

He had a very successful sales career in IBM for 20 years highlighted by the opportunity to lead the team that closed the largest software deal in the history of IBM for over $1B. He has been teaching sales classes internationally for IBM since 2006, and as a result of his extensive travel experience, wrote a book called Travel Balance, that helps people to stay energized, healthy and balanced while traveling. He also teaches several classes on communications and presentation skills.

John earned his black belt in Aikido in 2011. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is the study of energy in motion, and more importantly how we can apply this to achieve balance in our lives.

His mission is to make a positive and meaningful difference in people’s lives by sharing the information that he has researched on natural health solutions, especially as it relates to business travel.